Comparing the similarities and differences between the heroes perseus and oedipus

The Giant Alcyoneus along with "many giants" were said to lie under Mount Vesuvius[] Prochyte modern Procidaone of the volcanic Phlegraean Islands was supposed to sit atop the Giant Mimas[] and Polybotes was said to lie pinned beneath the volcanic island of Nisyrossupposedly a piece of the island of Kos broken off and thrown by Poseidon.

Giants (Greek mythology)

He attacked Heracles and Hera but Zeus "smote him with a thunderbolt, and Hercules shot him dead with an arrow. Vian and Moore provide a list with over seventy entries, some of which are based upon inscriptions which are only partially preserved. According to Apollodorus, he was killed by Hephaestus.

Giants (Greek mythology)

Some, like Typhon and Tityus, who were not strictly speaking Giants, were perhaps included. According to Apollodorus, Alcyoneus and Porphyrion were the two strongest Giants. On the right side of the East frieze, the first encountered by a visitor, a winged Giant, usually identified as Alcyoneusfights Athena.

Hyperbios and Agasthenes along with Ephialtes fighting Zeus, Harpolykos against HeraEnceladus against Athena and again Polybotes, who in this case battles Poseidon with his trident holding the island of Nisyros on his shoulder Louvre E These two characters were born to ruin, suffering and sorrow as a results of their flaws that make them defy the authorities.

Then follows a gap which probably contained Poseidon and finally, on the far right, a male fighting two Giants, one fallen, the other the Giant Mimon possibly the same as the Giant Mimas mentioned by Apollodorus.

Some are snake-legged, some have wings, one has bird claws, one is lion-headed, and another is bull-headed. According to Claudianhe was killed by Marsthe Roman equivalent of Ares. Both Achilles and Oedipus are brave leaders who suffer from the tragic flaw of pride. According to Apollodorus, he was along with Alcyoneusthe greatest of the Giants.

The subject was also popular in Northern Mannerism aroundespecially among the Haarlem Manneristsand continued to be painted into the 18th century.

According to Apollodorus, he was killed by the Moirai Fates with bronze clubs. According to Apollodorus, he was killed by Hermeswho was wearing Hades ' helmet [] which made its wearer invisible.

Likewise, Achilles is told he can have a short life with glory or a long life without glory.

Education with Integrity

He accuses Teiresias of being disrespectful by telling him outrageous words. However, Antigone being an obstinate person decided to bury her brother, because she feels she would be doing the right thing and the gods will also be pleased not caring about fatal consequences.

A Giant who had become infatuated with Circe and attempted to capture her, only to be killed by Helios. As noted above Pindar has the battle occur at Phlegra "the place of burning"[72] as do other early sources.

Before Gaia or anyone else could find this plant, Zeus forbade Eos DawnSelene Moon and Helios Sun to shine, harvested all of the plant himself and then he had Athena summon Heracles.

Oedipus is told he is fated to kill his father and marry his mother and, despite his best efforts, that is what he does. A particularly fine example is found on a red-figure cup c.

Pride was responsible for him not stepping aside at the crossroads. Differences There are also differences that are depicted between the two fateful heroes.


While the gods can be identified by characteristic features, for example Hermes with his hat petasos and Dionysus his ivy crown, the Giants are not individually characterized and can only be identified by inscriptions which sometimes name the Giant.

According to Homerhe was a king of the Giants and father of Periboea mother of Nausithousking of the Phaeaciansby Poseidonwho "brought destruction on his froward people". Zeus wielding his thunderbolt, stepping into a quadriga, Heracles with lion skin behind the chariot rather than on it drawing his unseen bow and, ahead, Athena thrusting her spear into a fallen Giant.

He let pride over ride that. Heroes need to know when to use good judgment. On either side of the central group are the rest of the gods engaged in combat with particular Giants. Comparison between antigone and oedipus Essay Sample The two characters in the play have differences and similarities that are clearly presented by the play.

The two are born as tragic heroes with flaws that are the major cause of their adown fall.

Education with Integrity

The Struggle between Hercules and Hera - Hercules married Megara, and brought five children into the world. Hera, again, messed with Hercules and put him to the point where he became so insane that he killed his family.

Compare and contrast two heroes Rama and Oedipus in relation to their societies. How do social roles and expectations of the gods in part determine what it means for them to be “heroes,” and. The references to the Gigantomachy in archaic sources are sparse.

Neither Homer nor Hesiod mention anything about the Giants battling the gods.

Comparison between antigone and oedipus Essay Sample

Homer's remark that Eurymedon "brought destruction on his froward people" might possibly be a reference to the Gigantomachy and Hesiod's remark that Heracles performed a "great work among.

Similarities Traits and Motivation Relationship With Other Characters Speech Differences Traits and Motivations Hamlet: Hoped to kill his uncle, because of an incestuous relationship with his mother. Odysseus and Perseus are two mythic heroes famous viewing these similarities is critical in highlighting the differences between the poets’ viewpoints.

Both battles occur at celebratory Though these battles contain similarities, in significant other ways the stories are different, illustrating the poets’ different.

Comparing the similarities and differences between the heroes perseus and oedipus
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